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Code and Humanities

Reality Check: Can We Have a Creative LLM?

In the realm of goal-oriented dialogue systems, the pursuit of computational creativity is encumbered by inherent limitations, notably encapsulated in the Communicative-Creative Trade-off (Hämäläinen & Honkela, 2019). This concept highlights the delicate balance Large Language Models (LLMs) must maintain between fulfilling their communicative objectives (such as conveying specific information) and exercising creativity. The paper divides…
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Revolutionizing Historical OCR post-correction with AI

In this post, we will take a look at two different approaches for doing OCR post-correction with limited or no gold standard data. One approach works well with English text while the other one is more tailored towards morphologically rich languages such as Finnish. Transforming Historical Document Analysis with AI: A New Horizon for Text…
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