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I code my own applications. A somewhat complete list of my current hobby projects is included here.

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I am a full blown philologist. I have an MA degree in Spanish philology. As a philologist, I am an expert in linguistcs, translation and culture.

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My blog

I love writing!  That’s why blog on a weekly basis about things that interst me. This is linguistics, computer science, psychology and so on.

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My book series

I am writing a book series in Finnish called Space Colonies (Avaruussiirtokunnat). The first book is already available for purchase.

Space Colonies

Natural Language Processing

NLP is something I have done quite a bit. I have studied computer science and language technology, so doing NLP is something that I have done quite a bit. Not to mention my background in philology.

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In software, I have a great interest in usability. I have both theoretical knowledge about it and practical experience in improving usability. Having studied cognitive science, I have an understanding about the limitations of the human mind when working with user interfaces.

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Social Psychology

Apart from everything technical, I take a great interest in people. How do we function in a group? What are the limitations of our social cognition?

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Vocabulary Teacher

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Poem Machine


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