Mika Hämäläinen - code and humanities

Doctor of Philosophy

My company

I run Rootroo Ltd. We specialize in AI and NLP solutions, especially in less resourced scenarios.


NLP research

I am have a PhD in NLP from the University of Helsinki. I deal with tasks from computational creativity to computational semantics in endangered languages.

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My blog

I love writing!  That’s why I blog when I have spare time about things that interst me. This is linguistics, computer science, psychology and so on.

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My book series

I am writing a book series in Finnish called Space Colonies (Avaruussiirtokunnat). The first two books are already available for purchase.

Space Colonies

Natural Language Processing

I have a PhD in NLP which is a strongly related field to machine learning and artificial intelligence. I deal with computational creativity, non-standard data and Uralic languages, Finnish included.

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Open Research Code

When we are playing around with tax payers’ money, we have to stay responsible. True scientific advancements can only happen when everyone has access to our research code. I maintain several open-source Python libraries for NLP tasks for Finnish and other languages.


Open Research Data

Data is power in the era of machine learning. It must be made available for others to use whenever possible. Just like I do with my research code, I do with my research data – I realease it for everyone.


Space Colonies

My book series

My research

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